Album Review: Dog Party – “Lost Control”

Get your dancing shoes on children, because today is a special day. Today, is my first album review, and I’m about as excited Miley Cyrus frenching a sledge-hammer (no, but seriously that happened). I’m not claiming to be the next Anthony Fantano, aka the G.O.A.T., I’m just here because I like this music, and I think other people would enjoy it. Everything that I say is purely opinion based, and you are welcome to send me an album if you want me to review something. Enjoy.

Dog + Party = Lost Control.

Dog Party is two-piece outfit, from Sacramento, CA. Lost Control, is their second full-length album, following 2011’s P.A.R.T.Y. (listen to it!). The band is comprised of Gwendolyn and Lucy Giles, two sisters are both in their teens. (Talk about impressive, when I was 15 all I did was eat ice cream, THAT’S IT!) I first ran upon these two, when the song “Jet Pack”, completely dominated my summer. I was lucky enough to see Dog Party at Will’s Pub here in Orlando. There, I picked up Lost Control a full two months before it hit stores.


Boom. Face.

The sound of this LP is true to the California poppy punk style. Now, I wouldn’t call Lost Control Pop-punk, but the melodies mixed with aggression is here. On tracks like, “Lost Control”, “Box of Handkerchiefs”, and “Los Angeles” (originally performed by X), Lucy Giles let’s out these screaming moans that grab you by the neck. The two trade off on vocals, Lucy brings the grit, where Gwen’s voice is more melodic, see a track like “Best Friend”, which comes across prettier than other tracks. Dog Party definitely knows melody, on “The World Is Not A Game”, Gwen’s catchy background melody, against Lucy’s yells are just, *Mmmmm*.

To me at least, the lyrics show the girls age. “Flamingo Go!” is literally, a song about flamingos, and “Best Friend” tackles the heart-break of young love. That being said, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Listening to Lost Control makes you feel young inside. It gives you that child-like spirit, of the first time your parents let you go to the beach with your friends. “Flamingo Go!” is a fun song, and when I’m listening to a band like Dog Party, that’s what I want to feel, alive. “Jet Pack” is a perfect example, when Gwen sings, “Ohhh, want to go ride with me?”, it doesn’t sound overly sexual. The song sounds like she wants you to come to the beach with her, and you happen to be going there on a jet pack, what’s funner than that?

My only real complaint about the album is a lack of musical variety. Sometimes, the songs feel too fleshed out, not really thick enough to catch my attention. I know Dog Party is only two people, but with bands like The White Stripes, they build the guitars to create a thick sound. Songs like “Cry” and the guitar on “Flamingo Go!” come to mind, they’re to thin to be a great song. I think the addition of a fuzz pedal would have helped shaken up some songs. Something, so that the rifts, which aren’t groundbreaking to begin with, pack a little more punch.

“Alright”, the last track on Lost Control, is probably the most mature on the album. Lucy sings about remembering how lonely she was before she met someone, and the lyrics sound really adult here. Her voice has some echo on it, and the staggering pace is built by these quick chucks of the guitar. It sits well at the end of Lost Control, after your first high school party, “Alright” is the hangover the next morning.

Listen to Dog Party on Spotify, and follow them on Facebook. Leave me a comment telling me what you think of Lost Control. Also, suggest another album for me to review. Do it!

Artist Spotlight: Deap Vally

Like the Black Keys, but with Bigger Balls

Today I’m introducing a new part of The Vinyl Warhol, my Artist Spotlight. Here’s the breakdown, when I come upon a new artist, from the Orlando area, or that I just think rule, I’m going to let you all know about them. Because, for me at least, finding a new band dive into makes any day ten times better. I want you guys to get in on it too! If you are in a band or find a band you think I should spotlight, send me an email, tweet them to me, or just post a comment. Like I said, I love finding new music, any and all genres apply. 

Deap Vally

Deap Vally are an all-girl, two-piece blues rock band, from Los Angeles. And let me start by saying these two kick some major ass! “Oh, they’re good for girls!” NO! They are more filthy, and can probably out drink, 90% of the boy bands who call themselves rock stars. Fortunately for all of you, Deap Vally’s debut album Sistronix, comes out on October 8, so now is the perfect time to get into them.

The best way to describe Deap Vally, is dirty. Lindsey Troy’s vocals remind me of ACDC’s Brian Johnson, but with more flavor. Drummer Julie Edwards, says she was heavily influenced by Meg White, of The White Stripes. Aggression-wise I can agree. But, Edwards is a much more technical drummer, not knocking Meg, but simplicity was her thing. In songs like “Gonna Make My Own Money” she comes pounding in, that would scare most male-drummers. 

Deap Vally’s music speaks for itself. Just listen, and let me know what you think, is there a band that you think is better than Deap Vally that I should know about? Then speak up. Because it’s “The End of the World”, and I’m going out with Deap Vally.

 Listen to Deap Vally on Spotify! 

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