just some shows. 12/11 - 12/13

just some shows. (12/11 – 12/13)

It seems [insert preferred religious/non-religious holiday here] has come early (late if you celebrate Hanukkah). This weekend, Krampus is delivering a hefty sack of music and joy to Orlando and its various neighborhoods. Whether you like to dance, mosh, or buy knick-knacks, everyone gets a gift this weekend. Enjoy.


Yogurt Smoothness ‘Slumlord’ EP Release

Pysch fuzz two-piece Yogurt Smoothness‘ last release was 2013’s Heavy Cream. Two years later, Slumlord will explode into your ears for the first time at Stardust Video & Coffee. But the Bros. Yo aren’t going to be the only ones making your latte pulse like Jeff Goldblum’s water in Jurassic Park, fellow two-piecers, Slumberjack and The Welzeins, are sharing the stage for what’s sure to be Stardust’s loudest night in years. This show is free, so you have no excuse to not pick up the new EP, available on CD or a limited edition 10″.

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You may remember 1995 as the year OJ was acquitted, the year Beanie Babies turned children into craised dope-like fiends, and the year Full House ended, leaving a everlasting hole in America’s heart. But apparently, music also existed two decades ago. Enough that the good people at Will’s Pub are dedicating an entire evening to celebrating the year Kylie Jenner was born. Teen Agers and The Pauses are performing ’95 cover sets, including songs from Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Bjork, Green Day, Hum, Foo Fighters and many more — fingers-crossed for Alanis Morissette’s “Hand in My Pocket.” Comedian Larry Fulford will throw jokes way over the audience’s heads as he performs bits about news stories from that golden year. Expect at least a handful of party-goers to say, “If the glove does not fit, then you must acquit.” Or maybe It’ll just be me, saying it 50 or so times.

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A Very Body//Talk Christmas

A business office party on Xanx, B//T is holding their third annual Christmas party at The Milk District (dubbed The Nog District until 12/26) on Saturday. Resident DJs VSN QST and GRÜVV will be playing ultra-festive mixes in Sandwich Bar, while Orlando singer-songwriter Evan Taylor Jones and Midnight Inspector lull you into a sugar plum coma at Spacebar. The dance party gurus are collecting can goods to be donated to Orlandians in need. In exchange for two cans of quality food — don’t bring your Grandma’s cranberry substitute from 1995 — the $7 entry will be knocked down to 5.

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Grandma Party Bazaar 2015

Last year’s Grandma Party Bazaar was a really busy, really lively afternoon. TVW photographer Karina Curto and I live blogged the entire event. The two of us frantically bolted around snapping pictures, absorbing vibes, and regurgitating our findings for like … five hours. That being said, Grandma Party IS AWESOME. A stew of all things local, this festival of grandmas broils together handmade gifts from a variety of Orlando’s artisans and music by the cities best acts. The pot all of it’s cooked in: the parking lot of Stardust Video & Coffee.

This year, Lavola, Summer Spiders, The Secret People, Timothy Eerie, Wet Nurse, and Polylust will all take the stage sometime between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. My hope is that Polylust will bring out a burlesque granny who sits in everyone’s lap. While perusing the abundant booths looking for a present for a loved one, be sure to stop by Hello Happy Plants, the most bazaar gardening shop you’ve never seen. They sell succulents that come in troll dolls, toilets, beer cans, chip bags, sharks and more — and the owners are just plain delightful!

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'So It Goes': An Interview with Wet Nurse | The Vinyl Warhol

‘So It Goes’: An Interview with Wet Nurse

With their 2012 debut album, Daily Whatever, Wet Nurse became a staple in the Orlando music community. The sweet melodies of the Chaplin twins infected me with some poppy punky virus that forced my body to do the strangest of gyrations. I was hooked. This Friday (9/25), the band is releasing their sophomore album, the equally lax titled, So It Goes. And here’s something you should have expected … Wet Nurse is still fucking good. In celebration of what could easily be the Wet Nurse’s breakout album, I got to talk to one of my favorite local bands about their music. And it was amazingQ Our excellent photographer, Karina Curto, directed a photoshoot with the girls that involved doughnuts. Enjoy.

The Vinyl Warhol: So, Wet Nurse … We got some mimosas, some beer.

Vanessa Brewster: Doughnuts!

TVW: Doughnuts. Mimosas. It’s been a wild ride so far. Like, I feel like I know you guys so well after the last twenty-five minutes or so. But how did you guys all get together? [To the twins] how did you guys meet?

Nina Chaplin: Well … It was about 26 years ago. And we were suckin’ each other’s thumbs in the sonogram.


Susanna Chaplin: She popped out and I followed. It was like, “Oh shit, there’s two of us.”

TVW: Was music something, early on, that you guys were into? Was someone copying someone else?

NC: Well, we both like to sing. That started from an early age. We’d sing together. And it wasn’t until we were like 12 or 13; we were like, “Let’s start a band!”

'So It Goes': An Interview with Wet Nurse | The Vinyl Warhol
photo by Karina Curto

TVW: What was your first band called?

NC: We didn’t have a name. Did we have a name? We didn’t have a name. We didn’t really practice. We had like two songs.

TVW: That sounds like every band I’ve been in. So Baile, how did you get into the band? I remember, I went to a Wet Nurse show and I was like, “Who is this fourth person?”

Baile Yeager: Nina and I were in a band a while ago called Tit Sweat … One night we were at Wally’s, and Suzie brought it up. She was like, “We heard you guys playing and I think we need another guitar player.”

SC: Yeah, we were always playing around with the idea of another guitar player. [Nina] would go into solo and [the song] would sound flat. It was missing something, an extra balance. We obviously wanted it to be a girl to keep the dynamic.

TVW: Going from Daily Whatever to So It Goes was the recording process different? I imagine it was all pretty new at first.

NC: We did our EP before the first one. We just recorded that in our house. When we gathered more songs, we went into the studio and knocked it out in like … two days, maybe three.

TVW: Where was Daily Whatever recorded?

NC: At this radio station in Tampa, called WNMF … We did a few live tracks for this guy, Allister. He opened it up after hours and we could stay as long as we wanted to.

TVW: Going in for the second one, was it easier?

NC: It was still a lot of work.

VB: It was a little easier because he knew our process already.

BY: [Allister] is the best. He’s patient. Didn’t rush us and lets us take smoke breaks whenever we wanted.

TVW: Just so you know, I have Daily Whatever on vinyl and it’s so fucking good; I listen to it all the time. So, I was pretty scared going into [So It Goes] that it wasn’t going to be as good.

SC: Yeah, we were also scared.

TVW: But I’ve noticed that it’s a little more straightforward. It’s not as pop-y. The music seems to be going for a little more of that punk edge. Was [the addition of] Baile also an influence on that shift?

NC: It definitely changed the dynamic, gave us more room to explore. Maybe a little more mature sound rather than just silly pop punk.

SC: We definitely have some weird, more 90’s influences on this one.

VB: That’s more from like touring and being around different music.

NC: We generally get the same response: “Wow that’s good.”


TVW: I wanted to talk about “Belly Hurts” for a second. Because I think that’s accidentally become your calling card of sorts. I wanted to ask you how you came up with that song. It really sounds like one of those songs that came out of thin air.

NC: Actually, that song is a funny story. Me and [Susanna] wrote that a long time ago, before we started the band. It was just this funny, silly thing. Just singing stupid songs like, “Oh, why would your belly hurt?” Just like, “Oh, I ate crappy food” or sometimes when you’re hungover or didn’t get enough sleep or like, really missing a loved one. Anxious or something. We wrote that little part and never introduced it to the band. It was actually Baile.

BY: I heard them playing it and that harmony. I heard that first harmony and I was like, “Um … excuse me.” [laughs] “What the fuck!?”

VB: It was just that first part for a long time.

BY: I was just like, “That needs to be a fucking song.”

SC: So we worked on it a little bit and it ended up being one of the biggest hits of our career.

VB: It’s pretty cool that people sing it and it’s not even out.

TVW: And when I see you playing with bands like False Punk, whose hooks are that they don’t have any hooks, you guys play “Belly Hurts” and everyone is singing it, all these punks who were just throwing themselves at each other.

VB: We started though, playing hardcore shows … I like those shows.

TVW: When did you guys start?

NC: 2010. We had a different drummer around that time, our roommate Jordan. He started because we just wanted to have fun and play shows with our friends. And then we played like two or three shows, and he skipped town for like, months. We had shows and were like, “Shit!” So, we held auditions and [Vanessa] came over and got really stoned. We gave her the songs; we had like four or five songs. And she killed it!

VB: I thought I bombed it because I was so stoney bologna.

TVW: Are you guys the kind of those bands that writes 100 songs and picks the best 12 for the records?

VB: No. We wrote exactly how many are on the record. We’re not like prolific …


SC: What?!

VB: Oh!

BY: It’s a really big bug. It’s a palmetto.

NC: We don’t like bugs!

BY: Wet Nurse does not like bugs.

SC: We hate them!

TVW: Do we want to move?

NC: It’s a loud motherfucker!

TVW: Should I kill it? Is that okay?

BY: Use your notes.


SC: He’s in the fanny [pack]!

NC: No! Get out of my fanny. He gone … oh no, he back.

[whack! whack! whack!] the bug is dead.

TVW: OK. I don’t fuck with bugs either. That’s going to be fun to listen back on.

VB: Whack! Whack!

NC: Loud motherfucker!

VB: What were we talking about?

TVW: We were talking about music, I think.


See Wet Nurse when they destroy to whatever dumb town you live in! Tour dates here!

photo by Karina Curto
photo by Karina Curto

(5/6) A Big Birthday Bonanza at Uncle Lou’s

We don’t need a reason to party, but we got one. Vanessa, the amazing drummer from Wet Nurse, has a birthday next week, and on May 6, a celebration will spill from the walls of Uncle Lou’s, flooding Mill’s 50. Wet Nurse will playing – hopefully after some bday shots – and Me Chinese and Thee Wilt Chamberlain will be providing additional songs to get shitfaced to. I’ve seen Me Chinese drink, and believe me, if the other bands keep up, next Wednesday has the potential to be the drunkest show of the year. Enjoy.

Wet Nurse

Twitter: @wetnursefl
Facebook: facebook.com/wetnurse
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Me Chinese

Twitter: @mechinesenochew
Facebook: facebook.com/MeChineseNoChewies
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Thee Wilt Chamberlain

Twitter: @TheeWilt
Facebook: facebook.com/theewilt
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Wet Nurse – “Belly Hurts” (Live @ The Space)

belly hurts

What makes your belly hurt? My belly hurts because I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (yup). It seems the ladies of Wet Nurse also suffer from IBS, as their stomach pain erupts from a variety of sources. In my experience, I find rock n’ roll is the best medicine for a stomach ache.

That’s the exact cure I found two Saturdays ago at Polylust Burlesque’s Gender Bender Homecumming Fundraiser (that my friends, is called a segway). The night was bonkers. Great performances by Wet Nurse, The Areolas, Luscious Lisa, and the Polylust troop. This video is from said event and captures a currently unreleased, but I believe already recorded, song. They’re cookin’ up something, and I want to know about it. Experience more of the night at the holy David Wilcox’s YouTube Channel. Enjoy.

Also, you may notice a cameo appearance from both me and TVW’s OG Photographer, Karina. Cause we coo’.

Hometown Heroes: The Pauses Release 1994 Show Footage

Last month, The Pauses, Wet Nurse, and The New Lows all covered songs from 1994, a year that produced a baffling amount of legendary songs. The show was a big hit, containing tributes from the obvious, The Pauses playing Soundgarden, to the more surprising, Wet Nurse taking on Ace of Base. If you missed the show, you can still peek into the night, and watch The Pauses bang out four tunes from the year that rocked. My personal favorite is the megaphone on “Vasoline”. Enjoy.


Live Music: “Greetings from Orlando” Release Show (feat. DoGs, Thee Wilt Chamberlain, The Welzeins, and Wet Nurse)

And you thought I was done talking about Greetings from Orlando. Hell no. Wednesday’s show marked the official release of the compilation, and featured performances by numerous bands who took part in the Orlando tape. Oh you missed it? Too bad. Kill yourself. There will never be a show of the same caliber. But, there probably will be. This is Orlando. Enjoy.

Wet Nurse is playing a secret show TONIGHT @ The Peacock Room. I sadly have to work, but go out and wish them well!

I reviewed Greetings from Orlando in its entirety. READ PARTS ONEDEUCETHIRDNEXT TO LAST, AND FIN NOW!!!!


You would think that with all my journalistic expertise, I would know the importance of punctuality. Nope. I fucked around, and missed DoGs. But, I did I run into the band at Lou’s, and they are awesome guys. I’ve been giving their album Sports Beer some pretty heavy rotation, and thoroughly enjoy all of it. You’ll hear more about this three-piece very soon. They’re also playing a handful of shows in March, with the last one on the 29th @ Will’s.

Thee Wilt Chamberlain

Thee Wilt Chamberlain brought the feel good energy to Lou’s with their instrumental surf rock sound. In recent news, the band inspired gourmet fast food chain Taco Bell to try breakfast. But, these entrepreneurs true talent lies in their music. On Wednesday, Thee Wilt Chamberlain dished out song after song of head bobbing, toe tapping, hand jiving jams. When’s the last time anyone from Taco Bell did that? Your move TB.

The Welzeins

The Welzeins did what they do best. They brought high energy, catchy tunes, and left bodies in their wake. The high point of their set was the electrifying “Zhark Attack,” the only song in recent history to deserve The Rock’s signature adjective. No date has been announced for the release of their debut-album, but their performance at Lou’s made me giddy with anticipation. Hopefully, they will be able to translate their explosive onto CD without destroying all of Orlando’s eardrums. Though, that would be impressive. Your move boys.

Wet Nurse

Every wonder about a universe without Wet Nurse? Well in this hellish place, both the compilation and the show don’t exist. Those poor bastards. Wet Nurse, freshly practiced and ready to tour, pulled out all the stops. New songs. Old songs. Mosh pits. Guitar solos. AND THOSE HARMONIZED VOCALS. I cannot get enough of this band’s ability to have perfect two part vocal melodies. This was by far the best Wet Nurse show I have ever been to, and SXSW is not ready for fuck storm this foursome is going to unleash. That’s right. A storm of fuck. Hide your dads, kids.

Peace Treats Records – “Greetings from Orlando” PART DEUCE

More jams from Orlando bands. Enjoy.


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Wet Nurse – “My Nature”

Wet Nurse’s contribution comes from their 2012 debut album, Daily Whatever. The whole LP is a furry of punk tunes with sweet pop melodies. Consider it highly recommend. “My Nature” is lively, with quick drums, fast rifts, and a Bikini Kill attitude. The trio has become an Orlando staple, and “My Nature” is a brief glimpse of their authority. I can’t think of a band more fit to carry the Orlando underground music flag, and wish them luck at SXSW and on their upcoming tour. Without Wet Nurse this compilation wouldn’t exist, and I know they will be kicking major ass for years to come.

Hear more from Wet Nurse on their Bandcamp, and don’t miss their tour kick off on March 5 @ Will’s! I’ll be there, come say hi!

Moonmen From Mars – “Babysitter Murders”

Moonmen From Mars throw down one of the psychotic tracks off of Greetings from Orlando (I wouldn’t expect any less from a song titled “Babysitter Murders”).  I wasn’t familiar with Moonmen From Mars before now, but after taking one look at these guys’ Facebook, I realize they are the real deal. No seriously, they are space people who wield instruments, and produce tasty cannibalistic horror-core music. “Babysitter Murders” is not a metaphor. Like the band members themselves, it’s very real.

I couldn’t find any additional music from Moonmen From Mars. Sorry. They still rule.

 DoGs – “Dead Broke”

DoGs bring the noise and the feels with “Dead Broke.” Like other tracks off of Greetings from Orlando, it’s fast and aggressive, but DoGs introduces a level of depth to the compilation. The song immediately has me dancing in the best kind of way, but as I listen, the lyrics grab me. I’m getting a sense of loneliness and bitterness after the collapse of a relationship. The line that gets me the most is, “How could you even say that my words hurt just as much as yours.” “Dead Broke” is a refreshing change of pace, whilst still keeping the compilation’s vibe.

Hear more from DoGs on their Bandcamp! They’ll be playing with Wet Nurse on March 5. Again, get your ass there!